AutoFlex UpdatesSoftware and firmware updates for AutoFlex controls


emptySoftware and firmware update instructions (NEW-2016-01-20)
emptyOperating system update instructions

Version history

emptyVersion history:emptyAutoFlex     |     OMNI-Select

Software and firmware

emptySoftware is what you see and interact with on the AutoFlex display.
emptyFirmware is what the internal hardware uses to operate.

emptyLatest versions

emptyAutoFlex software 1.1.10 and Firmware 1.14
emptyAutoFlex Mini software 1.1.10 and Firmware 1.14

If you have any RM-4 v1.04 modules, contact your dealer or Phason for instructions on how to update them BEFORE updating the AutoFlex.

How to find out your RM-4 version

Operating system

emptyLatest version:emptyOS v1.00R

OMNI Select

emptyLatest versions:emptyOMNI Select • Standard     |     OMNI Select • Swine     |     OMNI Select • Dairy

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